This is a site with some excerpts from the software I wrote in the past ten years or so. Most of it is concerned wth scientific data treatment and processing.  I wrote several large instrumentations packages (acquisition and synchronising more than ten pieces of hardware that would work for more than one month, continuously). These packages are hardware  dependent and will not be listed here. However I will post some blog articles related to this hardware.

Since most of this software is related to instrumentation… most of my software is written in Labview.¬† Some old pieces (executables), written in VB 6 for Windows will also be seen here. Be aware that this old software will not work on recent computers/OS.

You will find here some packages related with :

-powder X ray diffraction
-Seebeck coefficient measurements
-Thermal conductivity (Madonaldo approach)
-Electrical resistivity
-3 omega (thermal conductivity of thin film)

All source codes are distributed under GNU licence.